Oat (Anything But) Milk

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NZ Made

Earth Friendly

Dairy Free

Happy Oats


Barista Friendly

Barista Brew

Remember back to the good old days when cow’s milk was in and those milk alternatives were a thing of the future? Well, Luckily the Oatologists at Oatology have been hard at work to bring you our Oat (anything but) Milk Barista Brew. Made from NZ Oats and with none of those water-guzzling almonds or rainforest-depleting soybeans our guilt-free Barista Brew has the perfect balance of creaminess and sweetness to pair with any espresso. Despite the uncompromising southern oats, this bad boy stretches like a Mount Maunganui yogi on a warm summers day, allowing you to cut some sick shapes on your latte’s.

Now I hope you baristas out there are listening. Oatologys Oat (anything but) Milk Barista Brew is the partner in crime your coffee has been calling for or trying to call for over the screaming sound of those other alternative milk being steamed. even those dairy guzzling hominids will be asking for more of this stuff. Its better than gold, its oats.